You Can Have Soi 11 Sukhumvit

by OMM on November 7, 2013

On a recent trip to Bangkok I was introduced for the first and last time to a place called Soi 11 off Sukhumvit. Before I arrived it sounded all good, or perhaps I wasn’t really paying attention. All I heard was something about rooftop bars, views, hot Thai girls, clubs, and so forth. I should have listened a little more closely, and realized things were headed in the wrong direction when I was told there would be a dress code, and to bring pants, decent shirt, and some shoes. Quite honestly I didn’t have any pants, or shoes, so I headed out to buy them before my weekend trip from Pattaya to Bangkok; I guess I was just happy to have something new to do for a day, or two, swooping up some new clothes, keeping myself busy.

I arrived in Bangkok Saturday evening, and was told to meet my friends at a place called Above 11, on the top floor (33 floors) of a place called the Fraser Suites. I checked into my hotel, quick shower, and I was out the door with my girlfriend on arm. Because we had a disagreement with the cab driver (what seems to be a common occurrence when I’m in Bangkok), I opted to get out of the cab slightly before we reached our destination. The minute I got out of the cab, and on foot, I knew it was going to be a long expensive night. For starters all I could see once I popped out of the cab was a bunch of swank looking restaurants, and bars with farangs posing about on their outdoor patios with seating. Next I noticed many farangs taking notice of me (foreigner) with Thai girl, the kinds of looks you get from tourists unsure, and/or fascinated with foreigner Thai girl relations, and how they “work”.

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Image and The Art of The Money Scam

by OMM on November 3, 2013

A “bum” approaches you on the street, his appearance is disheveled, dirty clothes, needs a shower, but physically there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with him, and you’re guessing he’s in his 30’s. There doesn’t appear to be any reason he shouldn’t be able to work for his own money. He asks you for $5 so he can buy some food.


A man approaches you in a coffee shop, clean cut, wearing a polo shirt, and khaki pants. He tells you that he left his bag, containing wallet, and keys at his table, while going to the bathroom really quickly. He explains that while he was in the restroom someone stole his bag. He wants to know if you could give him $5 so that he can catch the subway/bus home, since he doesn’t live far.

Who are you more likely to give the money to?

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Who Makes Up These Rules Anyway?

by OMM on October 24, 2013

A while ago, a friend, and I were having a spirited discussion regarding marriage, and other issues related to the topic.

I said “If I’m married, and want to sleep with another girl, I will”, and he couldn’t believe that I would “cheat” on my wife, professing it to be wrong.

Being that neither of us are religious I asked him to tell me where it was written that I couldn’t sleep with another woman if I was married, and what is “cheating”?

Of course he couldn’t provide me with any documentation, just the arbitrary rules which he hadn’t bothered to analyze since learning them as a youth (which I knew was the case with him). He may have “dropped” religion, but obviously hadn’t shed this Sunday morning sermon. He was floored by the fact that I could even begin to propose that this sort of thing would not be cheating. As if I was spinning up some sort of elaborate web in order to justify the dirtiest act on planet earth.

I said, “That’s fine if you want to live by arbitrary rules, but I certainly won’t.”

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Want To Get Lean? Then Cut Wheat Out

by OMM on October 22, 2013

Generally when I’m trying to get leaner I cut carbohydrates out of my diet, well a good portion. I try to keep my carb intake somewhere between 50-100 grams per day (clean carbs: rice, potatoes, oatmeal…not: soda, ice cream, cookies), which isn’t easy. However, after watching Dr. William Davis talk about Wheat – The Unhealthy Grain, making some basic observations while in Asia, and performing some of my own diet “experiments” over the last 6 months, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps cutting wheat from the diet is what’s most important. Now, I don’t mean cut wheat out, and drink soda, eat chips, and ice cream. What I mean is I’ve been able to consume quite a few more carbs than I used to, but have been able to remain relatively lean (nearly the same as before), by just cutting anything made of wheat out of my diet. I’ve been eating tons of rice, some potatoes, something I wouldn’t have dared to touch in the past when I’m trying to stay lean. The results have been fantastic, and startling.

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Submissive Feminine Asian Girls

by OMM on October 20, 2013

Visiting Asia frequently, living in Asia, or dating Asian girls will very often lead to one being asked a question with the word “submissive” in it.

“You like submissive girls?”
“Why do you like submissive girls?”
“Aren’t those girls submissive?”

…and so forth (all usually asked with negative undertones).

“Submissive” [suhb-mis-iv]

1. Inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or humbly obedient.
2. A character trait often negatively viewed by Westerner men, and women.

Okay, I made up #2, it’s true, but why?

Generally, Western men don’t like submissive girls because Western men are unable to take care of themselves without having a masculine woman counterpart. Western men need someone who can earn half the family’s income, make important decisions, and be emotionally strong, because Western men are betas. For these reasons they can’t understand why someone would want, or prefer a submissive woman; it’s scary for them to fathom the thought that they would have to undertake all this responsibility on their own.

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Cheap Wifi Thailand

A cheap, quick, and easy way to get Wifi when you’re living temporarily, or traveling through Thailand does exist.
Many hotels I’ve stayed out don’t have Wifi, or capitalize by charging tourist/travelers what I consider to be too much money. To get a DSL line installed in your apartment will require a 1 year contract.

So how can you get cheap Wifi while you’re in Thailand?

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The New Ride

by OMM on October 18, 2013

Right from the minute the salesman told David it would be a $988/month payment he knew that was a lot of money; especially knowing he would be locked into the loan for 5 years, and was putting over $10k of his hard earned money down. He knew that he made enough money to make the payment, but he also knew that he was still renting a little one bedroom apartment downtown, and he should be saving up to buy a condo, or a house in the future. With the way the housing market was appreciating, it was going to take a long time to put together the 20% down payment he would need in order to make the monthly mortgage payments manageable.

“F**k it”, he thought, I could be dead in a year.

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2 Hours vs. The Caveman

by OMM on August 10, 2013

Consider this, our ancestor “the caveman” woke up at sunrise, hunted all day, built fires by night and then went to sleep. The caveman easily logged over 8 hours of physical labor/activity in a day.

Although we have evolved quite a bit since the caveman, the human body was and still is designed for working. With this being said, unless you have a very physically demanding job, a few hours at the gym a day is laughable (it’s better than nothing, but it’s still going to be tough to lose weight and stay in shape unless you go super hard, and eat very clean).

Until recently if you would have asked me if 2 hours a day at the gym was a lot, I would have told you yes. However, over the last 6 months (take or give), I’ve been operating without a car and walking quite a bit during the course of the day to get around. Two things have happened, I’ve lost around 20 pounds (mostly muscle since I wasn’t fat), and I eat less. Being on the go has meant less time to eat, and all the extra movement has me burning through calories like a California hillside wildfire in the summer.

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How To Learn Any Language Faster 2

by OMM on May 27, 2013

I’ve talked about ways which can help one learn languages even faster in the past. However today I want to talk about another technique which I haven’t touched on in the past which I think is probably the most important.

Most of us have heard of the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s principle); that 80% of the results are due to 20% of the effort/input. When you apply this rule to learning a new language you begin to realize that you should focus on the least amount of material which will give you the greatest return/results.

A good starting point is to find out what the most common 100 spoken words are in the language you would like to speak; or what the 100 most common written words are for the language you would like to learn to write. You can apply this to foreign languages, computer languages, and so forth. Once you mastered the first 100, then move on to the next 100, and so on.

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I probably make a trip up to the Big Buddha in Pattaya about once a week, because I find it peaceful and relaxing. The views are fantastic and the large Buddha is pretty impressive. Nearby there is also a pond where I like to feed the turtles some food. It doesn’t take too long to get to the Big Buddha especially if you have a car, or a motorbike. While at the Big Buddha I would also recommend checking out the panoramic view point near the radio station just across the way. It takes about 2 minutes to get there from Pattaya and offers up the “famous” view of Pattaya you’ve probably seen before.

Here is a quick video I shot of Big Buddha hill during the week of Song Kran.